in loving memory

Heather Muller

1975 - 2000

A light to those in darkness

Heather as a person

Born to James and Lois Muller on September 21, 1975, Heather attended high school at Kapaun Mt. Carmel and was deeply involved in Music Theatre for Young People, Children’s Theatre, and Music Theatre of Wichita. Blessed with a beautiful voice, her musical talent was nothing less than phenomenal. After graduating in 1993, Heather decided to attend Stephens College in Missouri to pursue her musical career. While studying at Stephens, she realized her true calling was working with children and transferred to Wichita State to pursue her dream.

After graduating in May 1998 with a degree in audiology, Heather began working with children with disabilities at Rainbows United and found she loved it. She later took a part time job teaching pre-school at St. Thomas while pursuing her master’s degree in early childhood special education. Heather would have completed her master’s degree in May of 2001.

Oh, I’m a Heather’s Camp camper, A camper of the wilderness. I like living the out of doors, Hiking and swimming and playing beep ball.

Oh, maybe when we wake tomorrow, We’ll be better than today. Rah! Rah! Sis boom bah!

Heather’s Camp’s the place for me, With the DG friendships, Oh, I am a Heather’s Camp Kid!

College and sisterhood

Heather’s time at WSU & with Delta Gamma

While attending Wichita State as an undergraduate student, Heather made many friends in Delta Gamma. In August 1995, she went through formal recruitment, then called “Rush,” and had her heart set on becoming a Delta Gamma. For academic reasons, Heather was unable to join but she didn’t give up. The next semester she worked hard to improve her grades, went through informal recruitment and became a proud member of Delta Gamma in 1996. Later, Heather received an academic award from Delta Gamma and eventually graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

As a collegian, Heather immersed herself in Delta Gamma activities. She participated in Shocktoberfest, was a member of the Hippodrome Steering Committee and was the star of the Hippodrome skit in 1997, when she graciously wore the silly fish costume that the other cast members wouldn’t. Heather served as an officer for Delta Gamma, helping as Anchora/PR Chairman and Rush Assistant. In addition to her studies and sorority activities, she sang with the WSU Madrigals and was an accomplished piano player. After graduation in 1998, Heather began teaching piano lessons to children. Though her involvements kept her busy, Heather always took time to make sure her friends were taken care of both physically and spiritually. An avid runner, she constantly looked for volunteers to run with her as she ran miles and miles around Wichita. On many levels, Heather was a hard woman to keep up with.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I say rejoice!”

Heather’s faith & love of God

After completing her undergraduate degree, Heather went on a Sojourn retreat at the Spiritual Life Center. That retreat affected her so deeply that she decided to devote her life to God. She began working at the Catholic Campus Center, The Newman Center, as a part-time secretary. Although she was both a full-time student and held a job, she spent at least one hour every day praying before the Blessed Sacrament in the Adoration Chapel at WSU. Father Matt was her spiritual director and the two quickly became close friends. Combining her love of music and children with her strong faith, Heather spent two summers teaching Totus Tuus (the Catholic equivalent of Vacation Bible School), and sang in the evening choir at St. Paul’s. According to Father Matt, while she was very busy she led a rich spiritual life that many a priest would envy.

Although Heather died a tragic and sudden death, she should be remembered for the innumerable blessings that came to others through her life. Those of us who knew Heather will cherish what a wonderful, pure-hearted person she was and the many beautiful memories she gave us. We hope those who never met her will come to know the amazing person she was by looking back on her accomplishments. It is certain that Heather impacted hundreds of people throughout her life. And though she is gone, her spirit will always be with us. We will find comfort knowing she is present each time a person sings a song, reaches down to help a child or takes time to pray.

Written by: Tania Muller (sister) and Jill (Heitkotter) Crotty (sister in Delta Gamma), March 2001